Resources: Stuff That We Use To Produce The Podcast and The Blog

We’ll add resources here as they come up in case you’re interested…Charity Water

Note: Many of the Resources Links are Affiliate Links

All Amazon Affiliate Earnings From These Links Will Be Donated to Charity: Water

Vanessa’s Goal is to Raise Enough to Pay For One Well (That’s About $5500)

So, Thanks For Any Purchases You Make! To Learn More, Click the Can!

Blog Resources:

  • We use as our Content Management System (FREE)
  • Our preferred hosting is through Bluehost
  • We use the Thesis Theme (the 1.x.x version now, haven’t gotten the hang of the new 2.x version yet)

Podcast Resources:

 Video Resources:


All of these links are Affiliate Links and we do get a small percentage of the sale (typically for Amazon we get between 4 and 6 %). As always, we prefer that you buy less to simplify your lives…but for items you do need we appreciate you using our affiliate links. Our links offer the cheapest prices we know of and we only recommend products we use or are confident in. If you can find a better price somewhere else, please, buy it there and let us know so we can get in on it, too! Thanks so much! If you have any questions about our resources don’t hesitate to contact us!

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6 thoughts on “Resources: Stuff That We Use To Produce The Podcast and The Blog

  1. Hi guys,

    I really like your podcast and I would suggest that you start using , so that people can donate small amounts of money for your podcast, single episodes or your other stuff.

    I think that flattr can be a big improvement for content providers.

    I would be the first who would donate some bucks for your content.

    Best regards and keep going,

      • Hi Dan,

        no, not at all.

        I simply like the service for three reasons:

        1. It’s easy to configure for different types of content (podcasts, episodes, articles, even tweets via, git accounts maybe even single commits).
        2. It’s a nice and easy feedback mechanism for consumers. A single click means: “I like your content, which you provide for free. Please provide more!”
        3. I, as a consumer, can provide a fixed amount of money (e.g. 3, 5, 10, 100 euros or dollars) so the costs can’t get out of hand.

        I think it is a good way to provide free content but besides that give the consumers the possibility to say thank you and give you a small amount of money.

        Best regards,

    • Jenn- I changed our feed to iTunes so they “should” show up there soon. If not, you can always download them from the here on the site (all episodes are at, such as 001-062). Hope this helps!