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Our friend Joel from Value of Simple is BIG into curation…you know, collecting info, synthesizing it and making it available for others to use, too.  There are lots of ways Vanessa and I curate information, so I figured I’d share some of our simple living curated content here:

YouTube Playlists:

Most people know what a great resource YouTube and YouTube Channels are. But not everyone needs all the videos a channel may post. A really cool and relatively new option is using YouTube Playlists.  You can view a playlist without subscribing to a whole channel, and others can curate their own lists of videos that appeal to them on various channels, as well! Hopefully YouTube will reinstate a simple way to subscribe to just playlists and not just entire channels… Anyway, here are a couple of playlists I’m working on:

Dream Home Playlist:

You know we talk about building our little “dream home.”  Until the day comes where we figure out where we’re going to build and actually start, I’ll be collecting all the cool info I can so we can plan it all out and (hopefully) create our ideally designed space. So, the embedded videos below will update as I add new videos. You can click “Playlist” in the lower-left corner of the video box to swipe through the videos in the playlist.

Vanessa’s Latest Organizing Videos Playlist:

Of course you can find all of Vanessa’s videos at GetSimplifized! but I did a playlist of some of her recent videos here:


Space Saving Furniture Playlist: We love space saving furniture! It’s becoming more and more popular and accessible, too. We made a great Murphy bed that we used for years, sold it when we no longer needed it, and it’s still being used today by the friend who bought it. Dan also made some stairs with drawers in the risers that our little girl uses to climb into and out of bed. Here are some videos highlighting space saving furniture. We’ll be adding to the playlist as we find more vids so check back often!

If you’re into blogs and podcasts, you ca head over to the Recommendations page for some of our favorites.

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