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Thanks so much for visiting us here on SimpleLifeTogether.com! Maybe you found us through a Google search, but you probably heard us on the show and decided to come here to put “faces to the voices.” So, we put together a little video to give you the basics on us and our journey. We also have what basically amounts to a “TMI” page. There’s a link for that below the video.

So, once you’re done you’ll have a better idea of who we are, our background, and our journey. But we’d like to know more about you, too! One way you can do that is to have a look around and leave some comments on the various posts! That would be awesome! And  be honest…when you watched the video did you think, “They don’t look at all like I thought they would!” Yeah, Dan sounds much taller than he really is! 😉

OK…so here’s a little bit about us and the show:

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“Way More Than You Ever, Ever Wanted To Know About Us”


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72 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Rick- Thanks so much for the link, and glad you found us! That new Brother scanner looks a lot like our portable ScanSnap scanner…same look, button placement, etc. It’s good to see other manufacturers getting on board with the way people want to go digital. couldn’t imaging using a flatbed scanner for the amount of things we digitize.

    Again, thanks, and welcome to the SLT Community!

  2. Dan and Vanessa, good luck with the 9th annual Podcast Awards. I just subscribed to the show.

    I run 27Goodthings.com and if either of you would like to share good things to read, watch, and use please do let me know.

    Most guests say they enjoy coming up with the lists, and I think you would too.
    If this sounds boring/spammy/uninteresting then just delete this comment.


    • Hi Mike! I just checked out 27goodthings.com and I have to say…what a great resource! We’re in! I’ll be typing something up and sending it along soon, ok? I’d bet Vanessa would, too, so I’ll pass it along. We’ll be sure to mention it on the show, too!

  3. Just discovered your podcast. So far I love what I hear. But I have to say, as a librarian, I was a bit disappointed with your comment, Vanessa, about you never using public libraries! (I think it was on episode 5) WOW. Never? Talk about simplicity. Materials at the library are free, don’t create permanent clutter in the home and the supply is endless. Even e-books create electronic clutter eventually. (I keep having to delete apps and books or save them in the cloud.) Anyway, just thought I’d be a cheerleader for public libraries. Books! Magazines! DVD! Music CDs! Classes! Internet usage! Seems to me that visiting and using a public library is a good resource for living more simply. Just a thought.

    • Heather, I certainly didn’t mean to disappoint you…that’s never an intention of mine for any of our listeners. We put ourselves out there sharing the good, the bad, the ugly and the many lessons we learn along the way.

      That being said, I’m so glad you wrote because it’s so timely! I’ve actually been making plans to visit the library with our daughter! I know I said that I never go to the library but it probably would have been more accurate to say that I rarely go.
      We’ve been to the library a few times this year but we just don’t go on a consistent basis. Reading is very important to our family and as a matter of fact, both of our children love to read and I personally make it a point to read between 2-4 books at night with our youngest. We love it so much…and now that our daughter is reading at an advanced level, she’s tearing through our small collection…which is calling for us to visit the library on a even more frequent basis!

      So, thanks again Heather…for sharing your thoughts and tips on the many, many benefits of visiting and supporting libraries!

  4. 5 Things my kids would save if the house was burning down 🙂

    After hearing your Podcast #45 while on my morning run I asked my daughters at breakfast what were the 5 items they would want if the house was burning down. Here are there answers:

    Canaan (age 5)
    1) Blankie
    2) Pokey… if you can find him (her favorite stuffed animal, currently missing)
    3) Pokey’s cousin (another stuffed animal… that’s actually it’s name)
    4) Shiloh’s blankie (her sister, how sweet)
    5) Snacks

    Shiloh (age 3)
    1) Blankie
    2) My baby doll
    3) A bowl of cereal
    4) food (apparently we never feed our children)
    5) forks for the food (she’s very practical)

    It gave my wife and I a good laugh, so we wrote them down to share with you. Great podcast, keep it up!


  5. Heheh, Hey you two, just caught the vid on “About Us”… love the Tubing the best… I used to tube a little in Calif, and did Arizona once.. now they know how to tube…
    Full blown stereo on 3 tubes and a keg of beer in one with a 20′ plastic hose clip for refills…heheh I just had a simply little styrofoam with a bottle of Champagne… younger days obviously.. heheh..

    Any fun to see you “Live” always enjoy your postings on the Camp Inn Forum.. oh, A-hem, the “Unofficail CampInn…..” one.. fun..

    “Le Droppe”

    Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest.
    Mark Twain

    • Now THAT”S tubing!!!! We more or less float in one place! On those hot Texas days it’s so nice to be in the water and out of that hot air. We’ll see you around the CampInn forums Frank!!!

  6. I just found your podcast and listened to episode 50. Initially I couldn’t seem to get additional episodes from iTunes. I have now been able to go back as far as episode 44, but no further. Tried subscribing and unsubscribing to no avail. Is there a way to download all the episodes to my computer as an mp3? When I do it from your website, they load to the browser window, but not as a savable file. I appreciate any help or direction to a link that explains how. Thx in advance.

    • Hi Casey! Thanks so much! It sounds like the issue you had may have been caused by our audio files host. From time-to-time (very infrequently) sometimes their servers may be down. Those server feed the episodes to iTunes and the other podcast directories (as well as our site).

      Sorry for the inconvenience…it should all be OK now. Thanks for the info!

  7. So I am making my way through past episodes still and I can’t believe the little changes I have been making that are making big differences. For example, I have started using Evernote and google calendar. Going from a paper addicted style to this streamlined digital path has made such a difference. I have been putting photos of my daughters school info into Evernote in the car and recycling that paper in the bin and never bringing it into the house. Using the reminders as a task for that paper and also a deletion of expired information tool. Thanks Dan!!!! Vanessa your tips are so great. As a mom of two little ones, and wife of a husband who works a lot (+90 hours a week) I am getting a lot of inspiration and information. As my husband finishes his training this year as a neonatologist, we are looking at some big life changes. A new job with less hours, more income and a big move. This podcast has really changed our direction on what our dream home and life will look like. Evaluating what is important to us and finding that those things are not the huge house and luxury cars that so many in his profession seem to go for. After some talks after a few podcast and listening together, we realized that “dream” was sold to us by others and not what we hoped for our own life. I can’t wait to see what you guys do next and how this new life direction takes our family. Thanks you again.

    • Thanks so much, Nessa! Wow…it really sounds like you are making steady, incremental changes. That’s the best way, for sure. I’ll bet you are all looking forward to your husband completing his training. 90+ hours a week…yikes!!!! You know I love “seasons” and as you enter this new season of having more time together, more money, and a new location all these things you’ve been working so hard on will pay off. While so many squander their new found resources….you’ll be building your own life on your terms. All the money in the world can’t buy that…

      Best of luck to you and your family!

  8. Hi Dan and Vanessa,

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your podcast. I’ve been working on simplifying for a while. I appreciate your candor and honesty about your process. As a technophile, I especially enjoy’s Dan technology tips. I went paperless last year with Evernote and Scansnap and haven’t looked back!

    I especially wanted to thank you for turning me on to charity:water. What a great organization! I just organized a campaign for my birthday. 🙂

    Thanks for all you do! Wishing you all the best for a happy and simple 2014!

    • Well thanks, Amy!Feedback like yours is exactly why we do the show! Yes, isn’t Charity Water great? We love their model, too, and especially that they are so efficient in using all donations directly to support the projects. So glad you’re on board with them and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  9. Hello!

    You guys have such a GREAT chemistry and energy. I really enjoy the philosophy you two preach and the general life style. Since the new year, I’ve been getting rid of a lot of my stuff and it feels great. Being a single graduate student living in a university campus apartment, having too much stuff is a total waste of money and effort to maintain them. I do have a question though. What is your approach to home decor? I’ve always liked a simplistic home design but I also don’t want to be too American-psycho with nothing but a table and a bed. So how do you guys strike a balance between minimalism and still having a “home’y” place to live? Cheers!

    • Hi Do and thanks for commenting! Well guess what? We answered your question in a brand new segment we’re doing on the show call “Qs & Comments”. So, it’ll be live in Episode 56 tomorrow!

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I look forward to your reply.

  11. Hi guys. I was so happy to discover your podcasts and to find a community of folks who have similar outlook. My partner of 27 years and I have decided to downsize and simplify. We are selling our 2200+ square foot Victorian in Massachusetts to move to a 950 square foot mobile home in rural Vermont. Our house goes on the market tomorrow and is the first step in our simplifying our life and experiencing freedom for the first time. For the first time ever, we will have no debt! We are also planning on discovering and finally following our passions to pursue jobs that we truly find fulfilling although they will pay far less. My partner has already left his corporate job and I will be making changes in the employment realm in the near future as well. We have really enjoyed the freedom of detaching from many of our material possessions and although it was difficult at first, we are feeling freer every day. Many of our friends think we are having a mid-life crisis since we are too early to retire in our mid-40’s (and perhaps we are!) but it has been a plan long in the making. We are super excited about our life changes and your podcasts and WEB site are providing us valuable resources and affirmation that we are not alone in our pursuit of a simpler life. Thanks again!

    • That’s great Erik! We’re going to mention your comment on Monday’s show! Best of luck to you both!

      • Thanks so much. Please use first my name only if you don’t mind. Looking forward to you your next podcast.

    • Thanks so much for putting this together and including us, Anthony! I’ll be sure to pass it on! Looking forward to seeing you there, too!

  12. I have a show topic suggestion!

    One thing that really impresses me is Dan’s positive attitude toward his ex-wife. I’ve recently been through a divorce and while I’ve cleared out so much physical stuff from my life, I feel my bitterness to my ex-wife takes more space than all that stuff did, as it clutters my mind and keeps me from enjoying the fruits of my now-simpler life. The basic story is she left me without explanation and took with her the dreams I’d had of a lifetime together. She wanted custody of our three children but I fought that like crazy, spending two years and oodles of money, and won, i.e. we now have 50/50 custody. I feel I’d be a far less “burdened” individual if I had the same attitude as you do toward your ex-wife.

    I know this isn’t a topic about physical stuff, but holding onto animosity and grudges is surely something many of us deal with and is another important aspect of simplifying one’s life. Would you be brave enough to take on this topic?

    Eddy in New Jersey

    • Eddy-

      Thanks so much! That is certainly something that my ex-, Vanessa, and I cherish about our relationship. That said, it wasn’t always so cordial. Thankfully, it was never really “bad”, but it did require some nurturing along the way like any relationship does. As for doing an episode about it, I’d have to ask all parties involved. Still, I think the best thing we can do is to just try to be a positive example and not shy away from being candid about it. I wish all couple who part could have the kind of relationship we have, but everyones’ circumstances are different. It all boils down to how we choose to accept other people. Some people do that well, others don’t. That said, it’s something we all can work on for self improvement.

      • The fact that it wasn’t always so cordial is what is compelling. That all involved put in the effort to clean out that closet too. I honestly feel that I can simplify all I want, but until I have released my bitterness, and established a positive (or at least neutral) relationship with my ex (with whom I co-parent), my life isn’t simple.

        • Eddy…you hit the nail on the head. Letting go of those things that are weighing you down will certainly be freeing….

  13. Enjoyed meeting and talking to you both at Canyon Lake over Easter weekend. Your trailer was a fascinating piece of artwork for sure. Good luck on your journey.

  14. Hi
    I am a relatively new listener to your podcast and I am quickly working my way through your past episodes.
    I find myself loving and hating them at the same time, smiling, crying and sometimes even shaking with anger, often at the same sentence or concept, let me explain why…
    I am the daughter of a woman “obsessed” with cleanliness, tidiness and semplicity, a concept that should be in place to simplify life, but she took to what I feel was an extreme that enslaved her (and us) as much as it would if she was a hoarder and we lived in a pit.
    Growing up everything had a place, everything was organised; our house was beautiful, clean, but it somehow felt like a prison.
    As a child I would never know if my toys would be there by the time I came home, or if, while at school she went through them in order to get rid of things she didn’t deem important, all in name of tidiness and clean lines, a concept that you introduce as “edit” and “one in and one out”.
    I cannot tell you how many times I cried over puppets, dolls or toys that had been donated.
    I know that I would have been happy to give things away, but having it done for me and having this lifestyle imposed was – at time – torturous.
    Cleaning and tidying became something to be scared of, as she’d go mad if things were not done “the right way”!
    Receiving birthday or Christmas presents from friends and family was particularly painful, because we knew that no matter how much we liked them, if bigger or chunkier then allowed, or unsightly, they would not “fit in”, hence gotten rid of as soon as possible.
    Both my sister and I left home early, and quickly realised that even though our childhood was privileged in many ways, we were both seriously hurt by aspects of it.
    For a few years after leaving home my “knee jerk reaction” was to accumulate and treasure things, and to “clean later and play now” with my kids.
    My home has never been completely out of control (at least MY notion of control) but the amount of things made it extremely hard to keep it tidy, it was often overwhelming (well… Thinking about it, I guess it has been out of control…)
    Now I am the mother of four, two teenagers and two under 5, and somehow few years ago I healed enough to realise the need and beauty in sensibly streamlining and simplifying my life.
    I am now embracing many parts of the simplicity concept.
    It is a process, and more a psychological then a merely physical one.
    We moved home this past week, and I have been quite ruthless about getting rid of things.
    Our local charity shop (good will in the US) was overwhelmed with our 15 large boxes donation, on top of the 3 car loads of stuff we brought to the local rubbish pit…
    But I did not get rid of all things… I still have things that I simply love without needing them and my kids still possibly have too many toys, but I estimate that even now being a family of six I have less then half of the things we had when we were just a family of three… I am quite proud of myself, our house is now easy to keep tidy, but I am not a slave of it.
    I am striving for a simpler life, I actively looked for a podcast like yours, I often listen to this genre, I love them, and yours in particular gives me loooots of great ideas! …but it also often gives me heartache thinking of the kids of those that might take this simplicity concept to the “extreme”, especially because your idea of “extreme” and your child’s might be different.
    Kids see things very differently then we do, and you are a child only once, there is a limited number of months maybe a year or two that they will really play with certain toys. There is a limited time that your child might be thrilled to see their art work on the fridge.
    These are small things for us, but to a child they can make a huge difference.
    I appeal to parents: simplify, tidy up, streamline… But if that becomes the focus of your life, if having a minimalistic or super tidy house becomes the focus over your kids “relax..ness” and wellbeing, just stop and reevaluate…
    This is a long and convoluted way to say great job, thank you, and aaaargh all at once!

    Love Sara Stamp

    • Sara…I can’t thank you enough for sharing your story! It is true…you can be a slave to tidy home just as much as you are to a cluttered one. Balancing simplicity, tidiness and the freedom to play and be carefree with children can be challenging. Matter of fact, I was just telling a friend the other day that I’m very aware of not trying to impose strict rules about clutter onto my children. For example, we do abide by the one-in-one out rule…but not 100% of the time. And every once in a while, I leave dishes in the sink overnight, forget to make my bed, keep a ton of kids artwork on the fridge, don’t make the kids clean up their rooms, and even skip a few loads of laundry…and it’s totally ok!

      I think the best thing is to find the right balance for you and your family. Personally, I don’t view being organized as having a picture perfect, tidy home…being organized is about being in control of your time and your possessions. The systems and routines that we have in place aren’t in place merely for the sake of having a clutter-free home…rather they are in place to help my family appreciate what they have and learn some valuable life lessons like: establishing healthy boundaries, valuing experiences over things, responsibility, respect for your things and the place you live, etc.

      I appreciate your story and thoughts so much, Sara…and totally agree with you that simplifying is good…but if taken too far and becomes the focus of your life…it is time to reevaluate. Cleaning up every crumb on the kitchen counter isn’t worth sacrificing valuable time you could be spending with your kids!

  15. Dear Mr. Hayes,

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    I look forward to hearing from you!


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  16. FYI: In listening to your podcasts and the promotions for Simple Rev you mention that it’s at St. Thomas University in “lovely downtown Minneapolis”. However, St. Thomas is actually in St. Paul. I’m not sure if there is a different venue that you’re referring to in Minneapolis but I just want to point that out in case there are attendees wanting to stay in a hotel downtown.
    I enjoy listening to your podcasts. Keep up the great job!

    • Thanks so much Lisa and so glad you’re enjoying the show. It looks like there’s a Minneapolis campus and a St Paul campus. Everything on the SimpleRev.com website refers to the Minneapolis campus. Glad you let me know…the last thing we need is a bunch of people showing up at the wrong location 😉

  17. Dan and Vanessa,,

    It’s amazing how the universe takes our intention and effort and turns it into results.

    I just bought Vanessa’s book today, I bought tickets for my wife Sarah and I to attend Podcast Movement today, I bought tickets for my wife and I to attend SimpleREV yesterday, my name is Chris, I live in Dallas!

    I wanted to reach out to connect with you today, but I’ll keep this as brief as I can, since I know how much you have on your plate. Your message and your website resonate with exactly where our family is at.

    So much so, that I voted with my wallet as quickly as I could for every possible purchase opportunity you and Vanessa provide. On top of all of that, we are excitedly preparing to launch our own parenting website this coming Thursday the 17th.

    Our mission is to enhance the limited quality time that parents have to spend with their kids each day through fresh ideas, vintage strategies and limiting screen time.

    I reached out to you today for 3 specific reasons.

    1. I want to connect with brilliant, motivated Texans like you who are ahead
    of the cultural curve. We can help each other and grow together.

    2. We want to help make sure Podcast Movement and SimpleREV are successful for you and Vanessa. Some ideas of where we could help:
    Podcast Movement – I want to provide help with logistics while you and Vanessa are in Dallas (transportation, help or logistical support at the conference) as you need. It would be our pleasure to take you two out to dinner at a great Dallas restaurant

    SimpleREV – I volunteer our time and energy to organize an after-conference meet-up at a cool spot in Minneapolis for drinks, laughs, etc. I would be happy to take care of the scheduling, communications, organizing a good venue, etc. Sarah and I are both very open to assisting in any capacity you think you might need for both conferences, or with anything else you need for that matter.

    3. We want to present at SimpleREV. We don’t launch until this Thursday, but we recognize that this is too good an opportunity to miss out on. Sarah and I are already making a short list of ideas for our presentation. But nobody understands where the gaps exist in an event like the organizers!

    Please let us know if there is any area within the realm of Parenting or any related niche that you would like us to specifically focus on.

    I apologize for the length of this comment. I didn’t see an email address for you anywhere, so this seemed like the next best option to get in touch. I sent you a FB message, as well.

    PS – There’s so much more I look forward to sharing with you. Our About page is up on our site, though the whole site is wonky as can be right now as we work out last minute kinks before Thursday’s launch.

    But to learn a lot more about Sarah and I and the mission we are passionate about, check your FB messages. I dropped the link to our About page in there for you to check out.

    Thanks in Advance,

    • Wow, Chris!!!!! What a great comment! Thanks so much! I sent you a message from Facebook. Let’s connect and talk about your launch!

  18. SHOW TOPIC SUGGESTION: Hi Dan and Vanessa. This week’s show felt a little flat and I think I know why and have a suggestion for you. Interviewing other organizers (I know this will sound silly but I’ll say it) lacks dramatic tension. You’re both on the same side. You’re completely in agreement on issues — and most issues have already been covered in your podcasts. I’d suggest having guests who: 1) are struggling with getting organized / living simpler, or are just getting started. We could listen to the problems and hear what you both have to suggest to them, listening to that process would be fascinating for us listeners. (You might have to ask for such people on your next podcast, or find them through your social networks, since many people who listen to the podcast are already far down the road to simpler living); 2) people who approach similar issues but from a different professional viewpoint — like decorators or architects (what would an ideal home look like for someone who wants to live simply, or what kind of kitchen remodeling suits simplicity — I’m sure you’ve seen kitchen remodeling that works against simplicity, people can learn to avoid those mistakes); 3) organizers who have a different philosophy or approach than you do, and don’t be afraid to take them to task (and vice versa) on the show — we as listeners get to hear the merits and shortfalls of different approaches. Remember, people go to the movies, watch tv shows and news and read books because of the dramatic tension — there are opposing forces and it’s interesting to see how they play out, and there are life lessons that come out in drama. I know you’re show is primarily informative, but it isn’t just a bullet-point list you’re offering, it’s done in an entertaining way. I’m not suggesting dramatic shouting matches! Just having people with differing viewpoints would be enough. Thanks for listening and considering this!

    One last item, on the last show Miriam stated that her clients are either hoarders or people who have everything in boxes but want help buying more boxes. I didn’t understand that comment at all. Why would people who have everything already in labeled boxes need more boxes? And if they already had bought their boxes why do they need professional help getting additional boxes? Maybe you could bring Miriam back for five minutes to explain that on a future episode?

    Thank you so much for listening and for your amazing podcast! I am “HereInNJ” whose iTunes review you read last time, btw.

  19. I have another suggestion: when you have an organizer on, bring them on to discuss something very specific, like “today we’re going to speak to professional organizer Joanne Smith about how to organize your clothes. As you may remember, Vanessa and I addressed this is Episodes 16, 25 and 37. But Joanne has a somewhat different approach and we can’t wait to learn about it.” Then the interview would be chuck full of useful information.

  20. Hi Dan and Vanessa,

    Sorry it has taken me so long to connect with you two…I guess having 5 kids at home is not exactly “Simple Living”….haha! Erik and I really enjoyed meeting you both at the Podcast Movement in Dallas and would love to have you on our podcast. Love what you are doing and know that what you are saying and living would add great value to our listeners!

    Rachel Hemingway

  21. Hi Vanessa & Dan,

    As you move on to new horizons, I wanted to thank you for all of your Simple Life Together podcasts. I have listened to them all and as you have slowed down on releasing them I have begun to listen to them again. You have brightened my hours of ironing clothes, driving my children to school, and have been my companion on several long road trips.

    Our shared interests include military service, parenthood, a love of organizing, a yearning for simplicity and a Paleo lifestyle. So, even though we’ve never met in person, you feel like good friends.

    I will certainly miss you both, as your podcast was absolutely my favorite of the eight I subscribe to. Thank you for all that you gave to me and your other listeners.

    Best wishes,

    • Hi Ronda! You have no idea how much we appreciate your comment. We’ll still be around, just not quite as often. Thank you so much for your service, too. I think that really helps shape how Vanessa and I see things. I’m sure you feel the same way. So…don’t miss us too much because we’ll still be around! Cheers!

  22. I’m so sad that you won’t be podcasting anymore…I just hot my husband on board & we were so excited about our journey to a simpler, happier life! We will dearly miss you. (But wish you all the best!)

    • Sandra…don’t give up on us or your husband yet! We’ve “tweaked” our future plans a bit. You’ll be stuck with us for a while longer…

  23. Sorry the weather was so inhospitable in Minnesota for your conference. The week before was just beautiful.
    Thanks for all your podcasts the last two years. You helped this semi hoarder let go of stuff. Now off to declutter some more. Rome was not built in a day and neither was my clutter. But it is getting better!
    Good luck on your future endeavors Thankfully we still have your old podcasts to fall back on when we need some encouragement

    • Thank you Patti! Despite the weather we had a BLAST!!!! Keep plugging (and editing) away. You’re right…it takes time but you’ll nail it!

      BTW…check out our upcoming episode. We’ve “tweaked” our future plans a bit. You’ll be stuck with us for a while longer…

  24. Hello! I’ve just discovered you, and WOW, I’m thrilled. I’m a new blogger who writes about the craving and crafting of simplicity. I’m looking for some experienced simple souls to share some tips and tidbits for ‘how to simplify babies and beyond’ as I’m a soon-to-be first time mom. I’m hoping you’d like to connect with me on this project. Many thanks!


  25. Hi Dan and Vanessa,
    I only found your podcast recently and even though it seems that you no longer produce them, I thought I’d get in contact to say how much I love your podcasts. Your insights and tips on simplifying are much appreciated. I wish you guys would come back! As an Australian, I find the presenters on the other Simplifying/Minimising podcasts grating to listen to, but you guys have beautiful voices and soft accents. Vanessa, I’d love to read your book but as a mother, academic and farmer I rarely have time to sit down and read (except for 5 minutes before I fall asleep!). Please release it as an audiobook so that I can buy it. It would be great to hear you read the book.
    Best wishes

    • Hi Penny! Thanks so much! So glad you found us and enjoy the show. We’re not completely “gone”…but, yes, it’s a long time between episodes now. As for the audio version of the book…we may just do that!

  26. Just discovered your podcast and I’m in love with it. There is always opportunity for improvement, but I just found out that I’m on the right path and I’m doing it pretty well.

    I want to become a professional organizer here in Puerto Rico. Vanessa could you guide me on how or where I should start and give me recommendations of online education programs, certifications, associations, etc.?


    • Thanks so much, Gladys!!! Drop Vanessa a note at Vanessa at Simple Life Together dot com! She should have some info to share.

  27. Do you have any updated content?

    I found your Podcast and love it but it seems like you’ve stopped making podcasts.

    Sorry, I am not very tech savvy so I don’t understand a lot of the social media stuff. 🙂

    • Hi Laura! We’ve certainly slowed down on producing podcasts, but we haven’t completely stopped. We’re prepping for our upcoming move to NY, Vanessa just had some surgery and is recovering, and we took a break to focus on Vanessa’s S.I.M.P.L.E. Organizing System downloadable product (which has been a hit). So, until future shows come out you may want to go back and listen to some older episodes. You can find a full list of episodes here: All Episodes. Thanks, Laura!

      • Hey Dan, thanks for your reply!

        Wow!! this is a very busy time for you guys and I hope all works out with your move. Best wishes to Vanessa for a speedy recovery!

        Thanks for the links… which is the best way to “follow” you so I can stay current?

        All the best to your family!

  28. Hello,
    Love your show, but I haven’t seen many updates lately. Have you changed the name. Hope everyone is ok, healthy and happy.

    • Hi Sharon! All is well with us but we are in the throes of a move from San Antonio, TX to East Aurora, NY. For the past 100+ days we’ve been living out of out 40 sq ft teardrop camper…not really conducive to updates. We do post occasionally on the Simple Life Together Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SimpleLifeTogether/ so you can stay in touch with us there. 😉

  29. Thanks for your show. I’m trying to find the podcast where Dan makes an analogy of the sights on a rifle and how it purtains to setting goals and staying on target. Thanks

  30. Hi there! I just started listening to your podcast and love it! However, I’ve noticed that no new ones have been done for a year or so… Will there be anymore? Warmly, Amy

    • ok, I’m lame. Just scrolled up. Read other posts. Got my answer more-or-less! Have fun with your move! Hope all is well with you both 🙂

    • Hi Amy! Glad you found us! All is well here and we’re still in the throes of temporarily living out of our teardrop camper (over 6 months now in 40 square feet)! That said, our new home will be done soon. Once settled, we hope to knock out an update episode 😉 In the mean time, enjoy the back episodes! Take care!