SLT050: Our Top 20 Simplicity Websites

It’s our 50th episode and we wanted to pass on our Top 20 simplicity websites, and also  our favorites for minimalism, lifestyle and more! You know, we have so many resources available to us these days that sometimes it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chaff, as the saying goes.

It’s nice to have one source that you can go to in whatever interest category you have. So, we wanted to put together an episode and talk about some of our favorite websites and blogs that helped us on our journey, and still do…our Top 20 websites!


Main Topic:

We’ve talked about many of these before and even had some of the authors on the show, but we want this show to be a tribute to them and a resource for you. We decided to break them down into 4 different categories to simplify things (go figure…that’s what we do here): Minimalism, Simplicity, Lifestyle, and  Lifehacking/Productivity/Tech…and we threw in a couple of bonus blogs too! So here they are, our Top 20 simplicity websites:





Bonus Sites:


So, there you have, the Top 20 simplicity websites and blogs that have helped shape our journey so far and that we still look to for information, inspiration and motivation.


So what are some of your favorite websites and how do you follow them? Do you subscribe to email lists, RSS feeds, etc? How often do you share content from your favorite websites, blogs or podcasts with a friend? Maybe it’s time to spread the love, huh?


THING Segment:

Dan’s Thing: Community…especially the Simple Life Together and Edit and Forget It Facebook communities.  We learn so much and appreciate how everyone supports one another in their pursuits to simplify.

Vanessa’s “THING”: Dymo LabelWriter.  This label maker has made life so much easier for Vanessa, especially when it comes to labeling file folders! It’s fast, easy to use and very versatile with its many different sizes of labels.


We still have a couple slots open for Washington DC area meetup. We’d love to have you come join us for some great conversation, pay as you go snacks and drinks, and the chance to connect with others who are looking to lead a simple life in the modern world. We’ll be at La Tasca in Rockville Town Square at 7:00 PM on Sunday, 24 November. There are just a few spaces left. It’s a free event and really just a chance for us to meet you and get to know you face to face, so make sure you grab a seat before they’re gone! Just go to to sign up or search for Simple Life Together at

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You can download a PDF of our show prep, too.

Resources and Links:

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10 thoughts on “SLT050: Our Top 20 Simplicity Websites

  1. In podcast #50 Dan and Vanessa have gathered together a treasure trove of resources to inspire and equip us to change our lives. Don’t miss this great episode and the opportunity to learn how to blow out an egg without breaking the shell!

  2. Wow you guys. Fifty episodes already. Here’s a bravo, kudos, and an “at-a-boy/gal” all rolled into one!

    To answer your question about how I follow my favorite websites, podcasts, and online content … it’s RSS all the way. Feedly is my online hub for almost all content and I love it.

    I don’t often share content via email, social media, or a friendly conversation. I guess it’s the inner curator in me that likes to keep my noise:signal ratio right. But relatively speaking, I share the heck out of what you two are involved in! ‘Cause you rock, rule, and really know how to help people in meaningful ways.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this! Congrats on the 50th! There were a few I already follow like Lifehacker, all of the minimalist sites you mentioned and I’m also a tiny house addict (although I’d probably park it in the back yard and use it as a writing studio). I’ve also read Apartment Therapy forever as well as other “small space” sites. I’m sure Dan already knows about this but YouTube has many awesome small/tiny space videos.

    You also shared so many sites that will be new for me and I can’t wait to dig in. I haven’t looked at my RSS feed since I moved everything off of Google Reader, which was months ago! I do need to edit the blog list in my feed too so I think that’s why I’ve been avoiding it. My desk time is limited now so I’ve been more focused on producing good content, reading helpful content and less on blog hopping so it’s time to clean up that feed. I also love the very clean layout of most minimalist sites, TheMinimalists being my favorite with the gorgeous b&w photos.

    I share links mainly on my FB page and on twitter. You can share more links on a daily basis on twitter than on FB too (without irritating the heck out of your followers). I do occasionally share on my personal FB wall and will tag friends I feel might be very interested in the article. I do need to do a better job of curating for future use (I have listened to Joel’s podcasts on this, thanks to you!). But I read tons more than I share for sure.

    Some sites I follow that you might be interested in: (1) Miss Minimalist, she doesn’t write much any more but does feature one reader’s going minimal story each Monday (2) Food Practice, I know Elena in real life. She moved to Maui a year or so ago and is the amazing spiritual and lovely person who approaches food as nourishment for both body and soul. She is a great writer and photographer as well. Her boyfriend is also an amazing WordPress consultant and runs the local WP group meetup. (3) – A minimalist approach to wardrobe. This site feels less personal, more professionally/elegantly done but provides helpful exercises and things to think about when putting together a capsule or minimal wardrobe.

  4. Hi Guys!
    Best wishes with the Podcast Awards nominations, can’t wait for the final tally.
    I enjoy your podcast very much and I listen to it on my iPod while at work and in the Gym. When I went to download Episode 50 tonight, iTunes had only 7 seconds available. While that might be a great time for riding a Bronc or Bull at a Rodeo, not so good here.
    I have an app on my iPhone called Podbay and your podcast is there in it’s entirety, same if I listen to it off the SLT website, all good.
    Best to you both, keep the great information flowing, love what you guys do.
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Gerald Wiebe

    • Hi Gerald! Thanks so much! It sounds like the issue you had may have been caused by our audio files host. From time-to-time (very infrequently) sometimes their servers may be down. Those server feed the episodes to iTunes and the other podcast directories (as well as our site).

      Sorry for the inconvenience…it should all be OK now. Thanks for the info!

  5. It’s a great news that we can download a PDF of the show prep. I’m a Chinese, and I had listened to your podcast for a while. But with my poor English, I cannot totally understand what you mean. I think I can understand more with the help of the PDF. Thank you Vanessa and Dan for the podcast and PDF.

    • We’re so glad this helps, Gelasia! I’m very sure that your English skills are much better than my Chinese skills. Just know we add that PDF without correcting any mistakes, so please understand there may be some spelling or context errors. Thanks so much for listening in!