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We’ve been sharing our story about simple living here since the tail end of 2012. But when it comes to simple living, we know we’re not alone! So, in this episode of the show we have our very first Simplicity Profile! We’ve mentioned a few times that there would be a few changes coming in 2014 for the show and here on the website, too.

So, last week we introduced the Qs & Comments segment where we answer questions you send in. And today we have our first guest on talking about how she’s simplified her life, too! But before we tell you any more about our special guest, we want to give you a little background on this new segment. Read more…


Background for Simplicity Profiles:

We’re looking at doing Simplicity Profiles about once a month. We’ll start the show with our featured guest and talk with them about simple living, how they embraced simplicity, what they’ve learned along the way, etc. We think the talks will last anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes. Sometimes longer, sometimes not. Then we’ll do the announcements, sometimes a Thing segment, and sometimes the Qs & Comments segment.

We told you there would be a few changes coming along, didn’t we? We think it’s great to highlight your stories, and for you to be able to share:

    • Your triumphs
    • Your challenges
    • Your struggles
    • Things you’ve learned along the way

Each of us has our own story when it comes to simplifying, simplicity and simple living. Sharing what you’ve learned, what you’d do differently, advice you’d share, and even mistakes you’ve made on your journey, helps us all grow individually and as a community. We’re all in this together, so we’d all love to hear from YOU.

When we started Simple Life Together, we kind of felt alone on our journey. We really wondered who would want to listen in and weren’t sure whether or not what we had to say mattered to anyone but us. Well, you’ve changed that for us, and we want to change that for you, too.

We’ve been incredibly inspired by stories from the Edit & Forget It Facebook page, emails we’ve received, voicemails…you name it. YOUR story is unique...and if you’re willing to share it, it can serve to inspire others to follow your path. We’ve found out first-hand that something we mention in passing on the show can have a positive impact on someone on the other side of the world…and make their life a little better. Your story can do that too! The world is waiting, and we want to share our platform so you can share your story just like we have.

Simplicity Profile:

Tania Ginoza is an Assistant Financial Controller who lives in Hawaii. She is also a freelance writer and blogger who shares her passion for design, a creative life and living well on her website When not crunching numbers or writing, she can be found walking the beach during sunset hoping to spot a whale or two!

    1. Tell us how you got started on your simple living journey…and maybe paint a picture of what your life was like before you started simplifying your life.
    2. What was the catalyst?
    3. Everyone struggles in some way when it comes to simplifying or editing, or making major life changes. What has been the biggest challenge(s) for you along the way? And do you still struggle with any?
    4. What does your life look like now that you’ve been on your simplifying journey?
    5. Can you share with us some things you’ve learned along the way or things that you may have learned from others on the Edit and Forget It FB page?
    6. What advice would you give someone who is “on the fence” about where to start simplifying in their own life?
    7. Tell us how people can find you (


So, how have you been simplifying your life!  We’d love to know. Be sure to leave a comment below.

Qs & Comments Segment (New):

Our first question comes from April. April wrote in wondering how to cut down on the stuff coming into your home, especially gifts for her daughter? She doesn’t want to deny her daughter, but believes kids can suffer from analysis paralysis with too many toys.

Next up is a voicemail from Jared. Jared asked how do best deal with digital clutter. Jared’s physical life is clutter free and in good shape, but he wonders how he can make his digital life clutter free, too!

Sara wrote in saying how she loves the style of the small cottage plans from Tumbleweed Tiny House Company and also wanted to hear more about our consideration to get rid of one of our cars to become a “one car family.” 


Finally, sign up for the Edit & Forget It Challenge! If you’re already on our Edit & Forget It Challenge email list, that’s great. If not, you can sign up here.


You can download a PDF of our show prep, too.

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9 thoughts on “SLT057: Simple Living with Tania Ginoza of

  1. Great podcast (as always!) Actually, I’m still listening as I type this, but so far, so good! 😀

    Vanessa, could you please share the YouTube channel you said that Tania referred to you that was a big help with designing a capsule wardrobe?

    • Hi Michele- Tania referenced Eileen Fisher’s YouTube channel. She mentioned on the Edit & Forget It Challenge Facebook page that “They have some great videos that help with capsule dressing, especially with layering. There is no talking, all visual. It’s the ones that show multi frames of different women. I referenced these to Vanessa in a comment when they announced project 333.”

      Hope this helps! I’ll put a link in the shownotes, too.

      • Thank you! As part of our effort to maintain a more “simple life,” we have chosen to not “do” Facebook…so I am missing out on your Edit & Forget It group there. 🙁 I am sorry I can not be a part of that, but I gues that’s the price I pay for our decision to avoid FB. On the bright side, I also miss out on all the FB drama and time-suck. 😀

  2. Great podcast guys! Love the new features, it was great to hear more from Tania… And the birds in the background! I don’t have kids but am shocked at the amount of toys I see family members and friends receive. It’s given with love but it seems like 80% of it is wasteful (especially for kids under the age of 4) and money better used on college fund contributions! Over the years, it has become known that we are living a “minimalist” lifestyle – as people have asked us what we want, we say just send a card or (if you reaaally want to send a gift) a gift card or purchase something useful/experimental. I find the people in our lives are respectful of this. For my wedding, I did not include registry information on the invite. I only had our wedding link that lead to a gift information page that politely asked people to gift money towards a house down payment rather than stuff. It worked out well! I also evaluate whether we truely want the gifted item before bringing it into our home, I return anything we don’t want or need. I think it’s nice how you planned your daughters birthday! The gift giving is excessive and can be a financial burden for some. I only send cards to my extended family, no gifts. I think it’s enough just to send a card that says I remembered you rather than more stuff. Thanks again for a great podcast guys!

    • Thank you Kaylin! It’s always nice to hear from you. You share so much of world with us and fellow Edit & Forget It Challenge members, too. I think we should all meet at Tania’s house for a beach party!!! 😉

      Yes, we’re on the same page when it comes to gifts. For our wedding, we kept it very small (18 people) and most came in from out of town. We paid for all the hotel rooms and had our wedding in the corner lobby of the Emily Morgan Hotel, right next to the Alamo. Vanessa’s Dad then paid for dinner. I don’t recall any gifts other than some cash and gift cards. We were combining households and surely didn’t need anything.

      I must say, I do get a little frustrated at the current state of affairs when it comes to gift giving. Not so much that it’s become normal, but that (by many) it’s become EXPECTED. That sounds like a good topic! I’ll have to explore that without it sounding like a rant. I try to stay away from rants on the show.

      Thanks, Kaylin!

      • With this snowpocalypse about to hit the NorthEast, I am all about hitting up Hawaii! Sounds like you had a beautiful wedding, so nice of you to pay for hotel accommodations! I have also become frustrated with things that I feel should be considered extravagant but are now expected! Most recently, people that schedule destination weddings during the work week and then expect you to take off work, incur the additional expense of a far-away wedding and provide a size-able gift. But, I am also prone to rants so I’ll stop while I’m ahead! : )

        Thanks! Kaylin

  3. I’m probably not in your typical audience demographics, however, I derive so much information and enjoyment from your podcasts. I’m a retired teacher and have turned my mind toward a simpler life; a smaller footprint.

    I found your gem of a podcast and took to heart many of the suggestions and has made me reexamine my beliefs about objects. I’ve always said I believed people over things, but now I want my actions to more closely match my words.

    If you don’t mind a personal comment, I find you both so genuine and encouraging and want you to know you are making a positve difference. I thank you.

    • Hi Pam..and thank so much for your very, very kind words! We really are doing our best to spread the simplicity word.
      You know, I’m not too sure anymore what our “typical audience demographic” is! We have people in their 80s listening and even young teens. We’re all over the map when it comes to who’s listening! So instead of the typical demographic measures such as age, sex, income, etc, we pretty much just go with “people who desire more simplicity, understand, and calm in their life”.

      We’re glad you’re enjoying the show, Pam. Oh, and thanks for taking the time to comment here…it means a lot to us!

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