SLT 019: Juicing Simplified with Farnoosh Brock & Simple Travel Tips


Juicing Simplified w/Farnoosh Brock & We’re Taking You On Vacation!

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Dan and Vanessa Topic: Just a Few Travel Tips From The Road….Literally!

Well, if the show sounds a bit different it’s because we’re on the road. That’s right, we’re taking you on vacation! It’s actually a “working trip” for us.

We’ve never recorded on the road (we literally recorded our segment in the car).  The sound quality is just a bit off from our normal audio but not bad considering the circumstances! The interview however is excellent!  Just sayin….

Anyhoos…typically when we have a guest interview we do a combined topic.  Since we want you to enjoy the entire interview, we decided to do a shorter segment for our topic.

Additionally, when we know we are going to be out of town for a week, we try to record an episode in advance.  Well, we ended up having  such a busy week with clients leading up to our trip, that we simply ran short of time to prepare two episodes in only 3 days!

It may not seem like a lot of work but each episode takes at least 16 hours to prep, record, edit in post-productions, post show notes, post in iTunes, etc.  We are still on our journey to simplify this process…believe us we are! Thankfully it is a labor of love…truly!!!!

So, speaking of simplifying and in keeping with our philosophy on most things in life…we decided to keep our segment…well, you know…simple. 

And since we’re on a road trip we decided to share a few travel tips with you.  Here are the things we discussed:

  • How we were able to pack 9 days of clothes for 3 people in just one piece of luggage.
  • How to easily travel with electronics using the Grid-It system by Cocoon.
  • How to ensure you’ll actually get to listen to your podcasts even when the 4G network gets ‘patchy.’
  • How bringing our little Apple TV replaced old school slide projectors to enjoy family slideshows and videos!

Interview with Farnoosh Brock of Prolific Living and her newly released book, The Healthy Juicer’s Bible.

We’ve mentioned on the show before that we like to juice. We started juicing a little over a year ago in December of 2011 after Dan was completely and totally inspired by Joe Cross’s film, Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead (this is an Amazon affiliate link but the movie is available for free on Netflix if you’re a member) which he saw on Netflix over 20 times since.

Dan decided to try juicing and Vanessa decided to jump on board too and we’ve been hooked ever since.

So, we thought it would be great to invite Farnoosh Brock (a friend we met at the World Domination Summit in 2011) who just published and released her new book, The Healthy Juicer’s Bible. It was released by Skyhorse Publishing and is selling out everywhere!

Farnoosh is amazing, talented and a such a delight to talk with.  We think you’ll really love the interview!  Here are some of the questions we asked!

1. So Farnoosh, who are you and how do you make people’s lives simpler?

2. Do you remember your first fresh juice? If you can, tell us where and when that was, and what went through your mind before you drank it?

3. When we talk about juicing, one of the first questions we’re asked is what’s the difference between juices and smoothies, or juicing and blending. How would you answer that?

4. So Farnoosh, what would you list as some of the benefits of juicing?

5. How do you recommend people get started with juicing?

6. Dan’s been a member of your Green Juicing Clinic for almost a year now…since the start…and I love it! Tell us how you came up with that concept and a bit about the clinic.

7. That leads us to your brand new and beautiful book “The Healthy Juicer’s Bible.” We love this little book! It is jam packed with great info, terrific tips, and the pictures are absolutely beautiful, too! Tell us how the book came about.

8. You know we’re all about simplifying and for new juicers the whole process can seem a bit intensive. Can you share some tips on how you’ve simplified your juicing?

9. Alright…we gotta ask…you’re stranded on a tropical island…thankfully there’s a solar powered juicer there and and this tropical island just happen to grow all the ingredients to your favorite juice. What juice would that be?

10. Do you have any tips for juicing on the go or when you travel?

The Thing Segment

Dan’s Thing:  His love of podcasts and audiobooks and being able to take advantage of our road trip to catch up on many of them.

Vanessa’s Thing:  Being able to help her in-laws organize their paper files by consolidating numerous boxes and folders into one, consolidated filing system that’s easy for everyone to access.


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10 thoughts on “SLT 019: Juicing Simplified with Farnoosh Brock & Simple Travel Tips

  1. Hi guys,
    Yet another fun and jam packed episode! I loved your comments about packing light. I’ve been travelling light for years mostly because I hate having to wait for my bag on the carousel so I try to get all I need into a carry on bag.
    My partner and I recently rode his motorbike across Australia for 2 weeks with two small ‘saddle bags’ and a small bag tucked behind my back (I was on the pillion seat). I work like you on 3 changes of clothing and the biggest challenge this trip was finding a decent laundromat in the middle of outback Australia!
    BTW I hope you don’t mind suggestions, one of my regular podcasts is ‘You need a budget’ which is connected to a software budgetting package that you or your listeners might like. I think you probably share a lot of values with the presenter Jesse Mecham and the software has changed my financial management 100%. I must stree I have no association with this company, but I see alot of connections between his stuff and yours
    Cheers Justine

    • Wow, Justine…your trip sounds fantastic! I guess you’re kind of “forced” to travel light when you’re traveling by motorcycle and have to really do a good needs/wants analysis. In the end, was there something you needed but failed to take or something you took but didn’t use as much as you thought you would? Vanessa tends to use everything she packs but I always seem to have a few “extras” at the end that I could have done without. (…Insert spontaneous daydream about traveling across the Outback by motorcycle here…)

      Ok, I’m back…

      I’ll be sure to check out the podcast you recommend. You’re right, as “Finances” is one of our 5 Pillars that we mentioned in Episode 1, having a balanced financial plan surely is a foundation for living the life you want to lead. OK, I’m off to check out “You Need a Budget” right now…thanks for the tip, Justine!

    • Thanks Justine for sharing your traveling light experience! I had 3 outfits plus 3 workout outfits that didn’t take up much room. It really is nice not packing 3 outfits for each day (which is what I used to do in my twenties…so silly). And yes….having only a carry on when flying is awesome! Anyhoos…thanks for the suggestion on the financial management podcast. That’s definitely and area of interest!

  2. I am catching up on episodes and love your podcast. I put it on while I fold laundry or clean around the house. It is inspiring and it has me weeding out things as I put clothes away or cleaning out the utensil drawer. The donation piles are growing and I am feeling lighter everyday. Some episodes leave my head spinning with all the good ideas and inspiration. I have recommended it to so many friends and my husband. Thanks guys. Listening regularly really has helped change my focus and I catch myself falling into the “more is better” trap and can climb my way out now.

    Also, a travel tip that our family has used… we search out accommodations with laundry facilities and/or coin-ops. For a few dollars we can wash one load and pack half the clothes. Hotels usually have them and it makes packing so much easier – especially with kids. An hour is all it usually takes – perfect for amount of time to listen to a podcast. We also love It is a great site for owner rented properties in vacation areas. So far we have found the prices cheaper (usually WAY cheaper) than hotels, the accommodations better (kitchens, washer/dryer etc…) It makes healthy eating easier too. We can buy groceries and make some meals. I think that would help those juicers out there. We have used the site 7-8 times and do anytime we can.

    I am going to be sad when I am caught up… Thanks again.

    • Thanks for the travel tips about laundry facilities…that really can help you lighten the load when traveling (both with the packing loads and laundry loads). I’m so glad you are enjoying the podcasts and find them helpful…especially with the editing and keeping you grounded in realizing it’s not always about the stuff and having more. Sorry about the head-spinning though…not sure I have a remedy for that :o) Thanks so much for listening and sharing!!!

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