Juice Fast- Wrap Up!

OK, folks…this is the last post in my juicing series. The fast went great and we continued for almost 13 days until our renovation really got in the way. To sum things up, in the year that’s passed since our fast we have continued to juice as a major part of our eating habits. Fresh juices serve as a major supplement to our diets and we still juice 3-4 times per week, typically in the morning.

I thought you might like some follow-up regarding the “equipment” and information we use for juicing that I’ve mentioned in previous posts. So a year later, here’s how things worked out:

We still LOVE our Breville Juicer. It’s proven to be tough as nails, easy to use, and a breeze to clean up. As I’ve connected with other juicers, some love the Breville and others prefer a masticating juicer and love the increased amount of juice they get from their fruits & veggies and the quiet operation of most masticating juicers.

We also still really like the Whithings wifi scale. Candidly, I don’t weigh myself very often. But when I do, it’s really nice to be able to do easy comparisons on the desktop software or the iOS app. My wife uses the scale more than I do and she also loves the automatic tracking.

I still occasionally watch Joe Cross’s movie Fat Sick and Nearly Dead for motivation…not just for juicing but motivation for life in general. As I type this, he’s in production for a follow-up movie.

I also joined a green juicing clinic and had a fantastic experience with that, as well. I’ll do a separate post explaining that entire experience and you can read all about by clicking here: Your Chance to Learn About Juicing, Juicers, and the Benefits of Juice Fasting