Juice Fast Day Two


So, Day Two of my juicing journey. Couldn’t believe it when I stepped on the scale this morning…down 3 lbs (188.4 lbs)!  Same for my wife!  That’s amazing.  No doubt a lot of that is water weight but that means my lemon water hydration is working.

Throughout the Day

I felt really hungry at different times through the day but any intense feelings subsided after a while.  Both my wife and I were a little tired today as well.  We knew we needed to get out of the house for a while, so we took our little girl to the Witte Museum in downtown San Antonio.  That was a nice distraction.  When we were finished with the museum we stopped by Central Market for some fresh veggies and got two juices for dinner.

Central Market rocks!  We usually go there for quality meats, veggies and other higher-end unique stuff you don’t usually find in a regular super market.  We picked up some beautiful (seriously, I can’t believe I’m saying this) kale and also some organic kale.  I wanted to see the difference. Of course, we’d love to go completely organic with our foods but for now we pick and choose what we can afford to go organic with.  For our kids’ sake, we have gone organic with milk and eggs.  Anyway, Central Market was like a torture chamber of food temptations!  Our daughter wanted a whole wheat tortilla to eat and I gotta tell you that damn tortilla was hot, fresh, moist…and I swear it was laughing at me! We quickly got our stuff and left. We drank one of the fresh juices we bought there as soon as we got in the car.  It was made with apples, carrots, celery, beets, tomatoes, spinach, leeks, cucumber, parsley, and jalapeno pepper!  Woo hoo, it left a nice little bite at the end!


I mentioned in Juice Fast Day One that I drink a lot of lemon water throughout the day.  Up until now I have been squeezing the lemons by hand into a small bowl, then picking out the seeds with a knife, then pouring the juice from the bowl into my water bottle, spilling a decent amount of it.  Simple, but usually messy and, honestly, it got to be a pain.  Well, my wife Vanessa picked me up a Joie Lemon Juicer to try.  Wow!  Where has this thing been for the last few months?  Now I simply slice my lemons and squeeze them on the juicer.  It has a built in screen to catch the pulp and seeds and drains into a little attached measuring cup.  It looks big in the picture below but it fits in the palm of your hand.  The yellow top simply pops off and I pour the juice into my water bottle.  So much easier! I’ll put a link in the Resources section if you’re interested in one.

The Joie Lemon Juicer works great to add a little lemon juice to my water!

Wrap Up

Everything I’ve seen and read says the first two days are the toughest.  Looking back, they weren’t too terrible but I’m still battling that “eating out of habit” thing. But no one said this would be easy. My before bed weight was an even 190 lbs, up from the morning, but after a day of drinking juices and over a gallon of lemon water I’m not surprised.  I’m not going to get too concerned about the weight loss day-by-day, I want to concentrate on just sticking with this.  That’ll keep things positive!  I do want to track it though…more on how I do that tomorrow.  OK, that’s it for today…


When asked if I know of a reference for juicing…a “one-stop-shopping” guide to getting started…I now recommend Farnoosh Brock’s “Your Comprehensive Green Juicing Guide” I really wish I knew about this book before I started my juicing journey. At least I now have what I consider to be the “definitive reference” to refer others to as they begin their own juicing program. At $9.99, it is WAY underpriced!