Juice Fast Day Three

Day 3 Morning Stats

Morning weight was 186.5 lbs…amazing. I decided to start posting the screenshot from my WiScale App from my Withings WiFi Body Scale for transparency’s sake. I’ll explain more about the scale and app in a bit, but here’s a screenshot (you can click on the pic to get a closer view):

My Juices

I’m not feeling as hungry in the morning but I did get a little hungry around lunch time..tells me it’s time for a juice. Speaking of juice, this is a pic of the ingredients for used for both my breakfast and lunch juice.  Yep, it was so good I made it twice! It consisted of apples, bok choy, ginger root, kale, cranberries, grapes and carrots.  Absolutely delicious!

Today’s Challenges

My family and I went with my in-laws to a hockey game.  If there’s one thing about San Antonio, Texas, it’s that it must be nearly impossible to swing a dead armadillo without hitting some amazing food.  That holds true at our sports arenas, too!  Once again, I spent the evening drooling like the oil boy at the Swedish Bikini Team try outs…pizza, burgers, fajitas, tacos…you name it. Vanessa snuck (sneaked, sneeked?) a couple of our juices in in her purse.  So, at least we didn’t go totally without and the juices were delicious.  But damn, those chicken fajitas looked good!  It helps to be going through all of this with someone else.  Vanessa and I are a good team and we keep each other in check.  I make it out to sound worse than it really was, though.  We both know our goals and we’re well on our way.

Withings WiFi Body Scale

OK, so on to this super cool wifi scale.  So, I’m a tech guy…so there’s no reason I can’t include a little high-tech gadgetry in my fast, right?  Well the Withings WiFi Body Scale certainly fits the cool gadget bill! Here’s some info about the scale:

  • Records weight, fat mass, lean muscle mass, and BMI
  • Monitors your data on a private, password-secured website
  • Free iPhone application increases data access
  • Accurate graduation of 0.2 pounds; maximum weight of 396 pounds
  • Multi-user monitoring allows up to eight users

I also included the video below so you can get the complete picture.  Do you need a seriously cool scale to do a juice fast?  Nope!  Did I want one?  Yep!  I was terrible about tracking my weight stats so I figured I’d put tech to work for me.  So now I have instant access to my stats on my iPhone, iPad, and laptop.


Withings WiFi Body Scale 

Withings WiScale iPhone and iPad App (Free iTunes Download)