Juice Fast- Day Seven

In Day 6’s post I discussed the tragedy of cranberries being pulled from our grocery store shelves in the post-Holiday season.  Well, Vanessa was shopping at Central Market and found Cape Cod Cranberries for $1.50 a bag!  There were on closeout, but for now, we’ll take it.  She was worried about me so she rented a U-Haul and bought out every cranberry in the store! Well, I can’t back that up.  Actually, there were only eight bags left so she bought all those.  That’ll have to do until we find another supplier.  There are frozen ones available everywhere but we want to stick with fresh to get all the goodness.  Plus, the frozen one’s are nearly $3.50 a bag. Whoa! So, crisis averted…for now!  Well, Week 1 down and one+ more to go, for a 15-day total.  On Day 15 we plan to begin our transition out by juicing, eating fruit and drinking fresh fruit smoothies.

Day  Morning Stats

This morning I was 181 lbs, according to my Withings WiFi Body Scale, kind of a dramatic loss from yesterday at 183.6 lbs. Here’s the screenshot:

Today’s Juices

This morning’s juice was an experiment…it included apple, kale, bok choy, broccoli, baby spinach and one lemon.  Wow!  I was crazy surprised how good this was! Even my son had a glass and enjoyed it!.  If you like things healthy but just a little sweet, this is a very good juice.  Try it, and let me know what you think.  Here’s a pic:

Today’s Challenges

I drank lots of water and lemon water today, but was late getting a lunch juice.  We had to prep our kitchen for tile removal and after my breakfast juice I was pretty busy uninstalling our dishwasher, wine fridge, and kegerator (don’t judge…but I know now that I’m called to invent a healthy vegetable beer that somehow tastes like Shiner Bock).  As soon as I was done I had to rush out of the house to meet with some co-workers as were got ready to do a photo/video shoot at the home of a veteran who was severely wounded in Afghanistan. We were doing the shoot until around six o’clock and I wasn’t able to juice until I got home.  Luckily, Vanessa picked up some fresh juice for us at Whole Foods because our kitchen is completely trashed.  it looks like it snowed in there because of all the tile dust. So, we’re a little off schedule with our juicing.  It’ll work out though!

Final Thoughts

I’ve gotten a lot of comments about the Withings WiFi Body Scale here on the blog and on Facebook. Yeah, I think it rocks and it sounds like you do, too! Thanks to all who gave some great suggestions to get me through my cranberry tragedy…you’re awesome.  I’m going to cut things short for today and I’ll be back tomorrow!

You can learn more about the Withing’s Body Scale here, too!  very, very cool!

The Internet connected Body Scale. Buy the Withings scale online now.

Happy Juicing!


When asked if I know of a reference for juicing…a “one-stop-shopping” guide to getting started…I now recommend Farnoosh Brock’s “Your Comprehensive Green Juicing Guide” I really wish I knew about this book before I started my juicing journey. At least I now have what I consider to be the “definitive reference” to refer others to as they begin their own juicing program. At $9.99, it is WAY underpriced!

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