Juice Fast Day Four

Day 4 Morning Stats

Still making progress!  Here’s my morning shot from my WiScale App from my Withings WiFi Body Scale.  Not bad…184.6 lbs!  You can click on the pic to get a closer view

Geez I Like this Juice!

It’s New Year’s Eve  day and we decided to treat ourselves with a sweeter breakfast drink.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of the ingredients but they included pineapple, oranges, kale, and bok choy.  It was pretty tasty. For lunch and dinner we made the same drink as yesterday (yep, that’s the same picture from Day Three…I’m a slacker).  Again, I make this with apples, bok choy, ginger root, kale, cranberries, grapes and carrots.  This is my favorite juice so far.

New Year’s Eve Challenges
Challenge Number 1

We had a really nice “family” day today and decided to take some juices and visit our land out in the Texas Hill Country.  We plan to build our home there in the next few years and we just pulled in, drank a bit of juice and tried to take a nap in the truck.  The weather was amazing; sunny and 74 degrees.  After that we decided to take a drive to Castoville, Texas, about 20 miles away.  I had done some research earlier in December about where to find fresh meats and sausages without any added nitrates/nitrites. I found a place called Dzuik’s Meat Market there in Castroville and we decided to check it out as a source for my long-term post-fast meals. Vanessa has been vegetarian for about 4 months so this was a selfish destination.  Well, as soon as we opened the door our mouths started to water.  This place was full of beef jerky, turkey jerky, chunk jerky (which is probably an inch thick and coated in pepper), fresh beef, sausages, you name it.  The place was a meatatarians’s dream!  I asked a few questions about their meats (in between swallowing my drool) and we left, foregoing any samples!  Honestly, it was tough, but it reminded me of the scene in Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead where Joe walks into the Famiglia Pizzeria in New York.  Sometimes you have to face your demons head-on. It was all the temptation I could handle for the day.  Or so I thought…

Challenge Number 2

Usually we stay home on New Year’s Eve night.  I’m not a big fan of driving on what my ex-wife Katie calls DUI “Amateur Night,” when people decide to party it up and then drive home. This year, though, we were invited over to some friends’ house and thought it would be a nice change.  Well, the minute we walk in the house we are blasted by these absolutely phenomenal aromas! See, our friend is a chef and owns a huge bakery. The smell of searing these big ol’ beef tenderloins, and naan bread (a personal favorite) covered in garlic and sun-dried tomato flakes…it was torture!.  And here we are walking in with our juices! Well, all of our friends were very supportive (many of them also juice or are getting ready to start) and we stuck to our juices as they enjoyed the feast. As fellow juicers, they were able to give us some great advice and explain some of the effects of the detox cycle to us as well.  So, overall, a great New Year’s Eve. Once again, demons faced and beaten.  We had a terrific time and didn’t compromise our goals.  Thankfully, there was no Challenge Number 3!

Some Final Thoughts

Being totally candid, Day 1 through 4 weren’t easy but no one said they would be.  One thing that was on my mind all day was that I know I’m entering 2012 in a much better state than I entered 2011.  We are incredibly blessed with amazing family, friends, careers, and now I’m finally following my wife’s example of taking care of my health. So bring on the challenges…I know I can face them and overcome them.  I was so inspired by Joe and Phil in the movie and I’m following suit.  One thing we’ve all faced as humans is that we’ve likely let ourselves down lots of times…failed to really achieve our potential.  How many times have you thought “If I would have stuck with ______, I probably be _____ by now.” But we didn’t stick with it. For all the things I feel I’ve accomplished in life, taking control of my health is not one of them. Well now I’m doing it.  There was a scene in the film where Phil was a few days into his fast and said “I’ve broken a lot of goals, but for my health and for my life, this is a goal I’m gonna stick with.” That’s what it takes.  Well said, Phil.

Happy New Year and New You to all who have found their way to my posts.  I wish you all the best. Please don’t hesitate to leave comments below. I’m also linking these posts to a few of the groups over on the Join the Reboot website and you can reach me there, too.

Last thing before I close…should I start taking pics of all the ingredients for my juices and posting them every day? Would any videos help? Let me know!


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