Juice Fast Day Five

Day 5 Morning Stats

As I mentioned in my initial My Juicing Journey post, I have been watching what I eat and supplementing my diet with juice since 7 December 2011.  I didn’t actually begin the fast until 28 December 2011 (I wanted to get a jump on my resolution and my wife Vanessa jumped on board, too).  Since Christmas I have lost 13 lbs! That blows me away!  That said, today’s morning weight and yesterday’s were the same.  We’ll see how tomorrow goes.  I’m not in the least bit discouraged, though.   Here’s my morning shot from my WiScale App from my Withings WiFi Body Scale.   You can click on the pic to get a closer view.

Today’s Juices

Happy New Year!  Started out the morning with a delicious green tea with acai berry. This tea is absolutely delicious and plays right into my love of things that are tart. I typically start out the day with cold lemon water but have been reading that I should be drinking hot lemon water in the morning to aid with digestion.  Trouble is, I’m not a big fan of hot lemon water.  Plus, I drink cool lemon water all day long so hot lemon water isn’t really much of a treat for me.  This tea, however, tastes like a treat.  It’s sort of weird, but with an empty stomach you can feel the warm tea all the way through your down your throat and it instantly warms up your stomach.  After tea, we made our breakfast juice with bok choy, pineapple, orange, and broccoli. Once again, I forgot to take a picture. I got one of lunch, though! This one includes apples, bok choy, baby kale, cranberries, carrot, and broccoli.  Although it’s not in the picture I did include a little bit of lime juice after I made the juice to cut through the little bit of broccoli taste.  Here it is:

New Year’s Day Challenges

Gotta admit, no major challenges today.  None for me but Vanessa had some headaches throughout the day.  However, did the lunch she made for our daughter smell good?  Yep!  Did the smell of a warm whole wheat tortilla lead us away from our goals?  Nope!  All in all a great day to welcome the New Year.  I did do a little bit of research on Dr. Fuhrman’s site and will be posting some links to that info tomorrow.  Also, I’ve been keeping up with the boards on the Join the Reboot website and want to say hello to my new “reboot friends” over there!


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