Interview with Mridu

I’m excited to share with you a video interview I did with a colleague of mine. Her name is Mridu Parikh and she is an organization life coach, simplicity expert and owner of Life Is Organized. In this interview you’ll get her backstory on how she became a professional organizer (like me…she wasn’t always organized). Plus you’ll learn about the most common struggles most of us face in our chaotic world and how simplicity and organization can bring you a little bit closer to having more peace and calm in your life.

Mridu is smart, fun and totally down to earth. She offers tons of tips and advice on her funny yet very informative video blog as well as her online workshops.


Mridu is passionate not just about organizing, but about embracing simplicity and taking charge of your life and happiness. I’m so grateful we were introduced and hope you find Mridu just as inspiring as I do!



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