How to Use Evernote Skitch (Video)

Want to learn how to use Evernote Skitch? If you’re looking for a tool that can help you clarify your communication or help you relay your ideas graphically, Skitch, might be just what you’re looking for. With Skitch, you can annotate images, web pages, PDF documents, etc, with clarifying text, arrows shapes, editing “stickies” and more!

Best viewed in HD, so click the little gear on the bottom/right of the video and select HD.

May want to turn up your volume, too!

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SLT040: How To Organize Your Photos

Be honest. If you’re like us you probably have thousands of photos, digital or print photos that are totally disorganized! You have the best intentions, but you probably have no idea how to organize your photos. Welcome to our world!

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to interview Cathi Nelson, Founder and President of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO) to help answer one of the most asked questions here on Simple Life Together: “How do I organize my photos?”

how to organize your photos

The interview was fantastic! Cathi offered up a wealth of information on how to organize your photos, both your physical and digital photos. We highly, highly recommend listening to the interview!  Before you do, here is little more information about Cathi and some of the questions we asked her on the show: Continue reading…


SLT038: Preparation Meets Opportunity, and Making Food Simple

For years, I would tell my students that the most exciting moments in life are lived at the intersection of Preparation and Opportunity. It’s that mix of thrill, the crescendo of anticipation turning to fulfillment…when something that’s been building is finally imminent. And sometimes it lasts an instant, but typically the way I’m talking about it, it lasts longer…it’s a season or milestone in your life. And it feels awesome!

preparation meets opportunity

While ‘preparation meets opportunity’ is a great tool to guide our lives and how we live them, sometimes its simple things that make the day to day more enjoyable. One area we’re trying to make strides is through eating more “simple foods.” Read more…


SLT035 Living in 50 Square Feet…Vacation Simplified

Living in 50 Square Feet…Vacation Simplified!

We’ve had a standing dream: More time with family, and way more time to enjoy the outdoors!  We’ve mentioned on the show that have been trying to sell our 4 acres overlooking State Natural Area in the Texas Hill Country.  Well, we sold it, and it freed us from other debts and allowed us to pursue 2 of the pillars we live by, Family and Future.

Living in 50 square feet

So, listen in as we talk about out summer adventure, some things that made our trip awesome, and some things that you can do to help simplify your vacation time, too! Read more… 


SLT034: Let’s Talk Money, & An Interview with Bonnie Dewkett

Let’s Talk Money, & An Interview with Bonnie Dewkett, The Joyful Organizer

Whether we like it or not, many things in life boil down to relationships.  We all have a relationships with money and we all have relationships with the “stuff” in our lives. Again, just like many other things in life, our relationships can be positive or negative experiences. But often it just depends on how we frame them.

Seth Godin on Money

So, let’s take a look at our relationship with money and our relationship with “stuff”. To help us look at money, we’re going to discuss a recent article by Seth Godin, one of our favorite bloggers. To help us look at the things we surround ourselves with in life, we’ll talk to Bonnie Dewkett, Certified Professional Organizer from The Joy of Organizing podcast. Read more…