SLT070: Voluntary Simplicity with Miriam Ortiz y Pino

We’ve mentioned in previous shows…sometimes simple isn’t easy. Consistent, voluntary simplicity can be even harder. Matter of fact, it can be an awful lot of work to make simple easy, but in the end we’re opting to live simply intentionally…in as many areas of our life as we can. And that’s going to take a little exploration and effort.

After our presentation at the NAPO 2014 Conference in Phoenix, we met a certified professional organizer, Miriam Ortiz y Pino, who turned out to have a little more in common with us than being an organizer like Vanessa.  She’s been practicing voluntary simplicity for a long time now and after talking with her we thought it would  be great to have her on the show to share her thoughts on what voluntary simplicity means to her, and also tap into some of her tips and advice to those who want to simplify their lives too.


SLT068: Simple Living with Liz Neighbors

We’ve been sharing our story about simple living here since the tail end of 2012. But we know we’re not alone when it comes to simple living! We put the call out in our last episode for more volunteers to share their story here on Simple Life Together. Well…you answered the call and and today we have our second Profile in Simplicity guest who is going to share how she’s simplified her life, too!

But before we tell you any more about our special guest, we want to give you a little reminder/background about this segment. Read more…

SLT064: Healthy Smoothies Made Simple With Farnoosh Brock

We hinted in Episode 63 that we’ve been enjoying more and more healthy smoothies. About two and a half years ago we did a 12-day juice fast. Since then, we’ve slowly incorporated juicing into our lifestyle at least 3-4 times/week. By doing that…juicing became a regular part of our life.  We became addicted to how good it made us feel which led us to look into other ways to improve or expand our healthy eating goals. Juicing led to eating more raw foods, eating smaller portions…and now smoothies!

healthy smoothie recipe simple smoothie

So, who better to talk about smoothies, than our friend and someone who’s become our own personal… “healthy liquids expert,” Farnoosh Brock, the author of The Healthy Smoothie Bible Read more…


Interview with Mridu

I’m excited to share with you a video interview I did with a colleague of mine. Her name is Mridu Parikh and she is an organization life coach, simplicity expert and owner of Life Is Organized. In this interview you’ll get her backstory on how she became a professional organizer (like me…she wasn’t always organized). Plus you’ll learn about the most common struggles most of us face in our chaotic world and how simplicity and organization can bring you a little bit closer to having more peace and calm in your life.

Mridu is smart, fun and totally down to earth. She offers tons of tips and advice on her funny yet very informative video blog as well as her online workshops.


Mridu is passionate not just about organizing, but about embracing simplicity and taking charge of your life and happiness. I’m so grateful we were introduced and hope you find Mridu just as inspiring as I do!



SLT057: Simple Living with Tania Ginoza of

We’ve been sharing our story about simple living here since the tail end of 2012. But when it comes to simple living, we know we’re not alone! So, in this episode of the show we have our very first Simplicity Profile! We’ve mentioned a few times that there would be a few changes coming in 2014 for the show and here on the website, too.

So, last week we introduced the Qs & Comments segment where we answer questions you send in. And today we have our first guest on talking about how she’s simplified her life, too! But before we tell you any more about our special guest, we want to give you a little background on this new segment. Read more…