A Visit With Mohamed Tohami of Midway Simplicity

Not long ago we sat down for a Skype chat with our friend in simplicity, Mohamed Tohami of MidwaySimplicity.com. Tohami’s blog and his new Midway Decluttering series on his YouTube channel are a wellspring of simplicity tips. If some of this sounds familiar it’s because we’ve had Midway Simplicity listed in the Simple Living Blogs section of our Recommendations Page here on SimpleLifeTogether.com. He always has such great content…articles, interviews, videos…you name it!

So, check out our chat below and be sure to see Tohami’s show notes, blog posts and books over on Midway Simplicity! You’ll be very glad you did!

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4 thoughts on “A Visit With Mohamed Tohami of Midway Simplicity

    • You’re a fantastic host, Tohami! We had such a nice time talking with you…thanks!

  1. Thank U so very much for your Midway Simplicity show on “Decluttering”!
    I’ve been on a “get organized” journey for 20+ years!
    I have been rather unsuccessful as so many road blocks would surface.
    This last year The Lord told me to get rid of everything I don’t need.
    This too has been a real challenge for me!
    But, I have to say that when I happened upon your website & started to listen to the interviews on You Tube, progress began to be made.
    I went f/trying to tackle the insurmountable task by staying up all night & day, to “simplifying” the ordeal & so, dah, getting even more accomplished!
    You know,
    The Bible has many references on “letting go”. One in particular is in Ecclesiastes, the very well known Chapter 3.
    & heck, Jesus didn’t even own a home!
    He was the #1 minimalist!
    So anyway,
    thank you very much, Mohamed!
    Blessings as you go forward,

    • We’re with you, Briggie! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. You’re right…simplicity is not a new thing. Nearly all faiths have a very strong simplicity thread running through the core. That can’t be chance.

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