Google Drive…Simplified!

“What is Google Docs?” or “What is Google Drive?”

A Simple Guide to Google Drive (formerly Google Docs)

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If you’ve ever wondered, “What is Google Docs?” or “What is Google Drive?” and how you can make the most of a free, Cloud-based office suite, then this tutorial is exactly what you need to get started!

This tutorial is just over an hour long and focuses on all the fundamentals of how to use Google Docs/Drive for creating, sharing, and storing  documents using Google’s free, full-fledged office suite. In this 1 hour+  windshield tour of Google Drive, you’ll learn how to create text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, and even forms and surveys! (The forms and surveys are REALLY cool!)

This is THE information you need to get started!

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You can watch the Google Docs/Drive Video Tutorial Here!

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