SLT069: Head Over Heels In Love With Simplicity

The number one reason we love simplicity is that it gives us flexibility to live our lives the way we want. Sure, it takes some real effort to get to the point where we could drop what we were doing and take a 30-day vacation, but once you get to the point where you can shape your life to do the things you want to do, and live they way you want to live, you’ll love simplicity too. It is so worth the effort and probably how you’d like to live your life too.


During our recent trip, we covered over 6600 miles with our tiny teardrop camper in tow. But thankfully, we didn’t drag along a lot of complexity with us as we traveled. But simplicity doesn’t just “happen.” Some deliberate decisions and actions ensured we could enjoy our experiences together as a family without some of the misfortunes of the Griswolds!


SLT068: Simple Living with Liz Neighbors

We’ve been sharing our story about simple living here since the tail end of 2012. But we know we’re not alone when it comes to simple living! We put the call out in our last episode for more volunteers to share their story here on Simple Life Together. Well…you answered the call and and today we have our second Profile in Simplicity guest who is going to share how she’s simplified her life, too!


But before we tell you any more about our special guest, we want to give you a little reminder/background about this segment. Read more…

7 Steps To Organize Your Garage

It’s summertime! The kids are home and families are planning their summer activities and vacations, which means…folks need access to their garages. That’s where all the tools, toys, bikes, sporting and camping equipment are right?  Too bad all that stuff you need is spread out all over the garage with no rhyme or reason.  No wonder I’ve been getting a lot of questions on how to organize your garage!

Organize Your Garage

Well, don’t fear. I’ve got 7 steps to help guide you through the mess to organize your garage and create a space that’s orderly and easy to access. Before you start any garage project make sure you take into consideration the weather (too hot or too cold) and prepare accordingly.  As a Certified Professional Organizer in San Antonio, Texas, you can be sure this is one of the first things I check!  Be sure to have enough water on hand and wear clothing that will allow you to move around easily and that you’re not afraid to get dirty in.  I also highly recommend wearing closed-toe shoes.  Plan a weekend or two to get through it all and put it on your calendar.  This is an important event!  Let’s get started….

SLT067: Simplify Your Wardrobe Redux

Way back in Episode 47, Simplify Your Wardrobe, we explored our relationship with the clothes that we wear and asked ourselves some questions such as: So what things shape your current wardrobe? What does your wardrobe look like now? What would your ideal wardrobe look like? and What are some of your favorite pieces and why? We also introduced that we were going to give a microcourse called Dress With Less a try, cutting our wardrobes down to 33 pieces each for 3 months.

simplify your wardrobe

Well, it’s been over 6 months and 20  Simple Life Together episodes since then and while we’ve mentioned quite a bit about our progress along the way, we thought we owed you a good, solid wrap up. So this is it!  Read more…