My Free 3-Video Series: Get Organized S.O.S.

And Introducing the S.I.M.P.L.E. Organizing System

Sometimes no matter how hard we try to do something, it just doesn’t work out. That’s especially true when you decide it’s time to take action and get organized.

We’ve all been there. We make the decision to get organized. We have good intentions. We do some research and try to find good tips. We start off with what we think is a strong plan. But something happens… We get derailed. And we stop. Probably after lots of frustration. We just accept that we’re “too busy” and “maybe now isn’t the time.” We end up frustrated and telling ourselves that “someday” we’ll get organized. But someday never comes…

Well, There’s Hope!

I put together a free 3-video series complete with downloadable worksheets that helps you really get started on the right foot. I also have a video that covers what is probably the top trouble spot I see as a Certified Professional Organizer® when working one-on-one with clients. I give you solutions and a worksheet for that too.

At the end of the free 3-video series, I introduce you to my S.I.M.P.L.E. Organizing System. It’s a paid course, but it’s priced incredibly low right now. It’s the system I’ve developed for getting your spaces organized once and for all.

I think you’ll really, really like it! And best of all, when your spaces are simplified and organized it carries over into all areas of your life…if you let it.

Trust me. Have a look at the free course. Then consider my S.I.M.P.L.E. Organizing System. I simplified (go figure) the course so you have access to the 45+ videos and all the downloadable exercises and worksheets from one link-packed PDF. That keeps the cost super low, and makes it easier for you. Now, you’ll have a proven system to get organized and and easy way to find out how!

Check out the free course and S.O.S. Intro right now by clicking here: 

GS Sig 210 x 106

Vanessa Hayes, MHR, Certified Professional Organizer®

PS: The free course and the S.I.M.P.L.E. Organizing System BOTH have great worksheets that you can download and work through. So, yeah, watch the videos, but go through the exercises too!

SLT077: Simple Answers to Listener Questions

It’s been a while since our last episode and many of you said you wanted an update. So, we posted on the Simple Life Together Facebook page and the Edit & Forget It Facebook Group and asked for your questions.

Since we’re in the thick of the Holiday season, many of you had holiday simplicity related questions. Others were looking for lifestyle answers for their questions, and many just wanted to know what we’ve been up to. Well…we sat down for over an hour last night and just kinda “freestyled” it. Read More…

SLT076: Simplifying to Sell Your Home

Or To Just Get A Fresh Start!

There are so many reasons to simplify. But one very lucrative reason to simplify is to increase the sale price of your home and set the stage for a quick sale. So, let’s talk a little about simplifying to sell your home.

To do that, we’re going to share some of our experiences with doing exactly that over the last couple of months, so if you’re selling your home…or know someone else who is…or if you’re simply looking for a fresh start in your current home, maybe we can shed some light on things that worked for us. Read More…


SLT075: 4 Critical Areas You Need to Consider When Downsizing

Back in Episode 65, we talked about Strategic Simple Living and shared a few great tools you can use to plan your simple living strategy. Specifically, we used the 4 Direction Ideation Tool of Looking Outward/Inward/Backward/Forward as lenses for developing your strategy. We shared how we used this tool when downsizing for trying to find the perfect area for us to live.

But when we came to a decision point, we used a different framework for evaluating our final choice…and actually choosing where we’re moving to. So, armed with all we learned from the 4 Direction Ideation Tool process, we did our final analysis through the lenses of the 4 major areas of our life: Home, Work, Community, and Self.  And yep, we’re moving! We don’t have a hard and fast timeline yet, but we actually put our money where our collective mouth is and bought a lot to build on! Read More…


Simple Things: Podcasts

Not long ago I introduced a series called The Best of Old and New. I’d like to continue that series with this installment and talk about the power of audio. Specifically, about podcasts.

Now, granted, there were no podcasts “back in the day” but radio was certainly the dominant form of entertainment. It was free and anyone with a radio could listen in. And if you have ever listened to our show, you know I’m an audio kind of guy.

For a long time, radio was THE new and best way to get the word out fast or to provide entertainment to the masses. When Franklin Roosevelt was Governor of New York State in 1929, he held the first of what would come to be known as his “fireside chats” to talk directly to his constituents. Later, as President, Roosevelt used the power of audio to communicate with the American people intimately and directly through some of the toughest times in our nation’s history, the Great Depression and World War Two. FDR understood the power of audio and used the latest technology to reach as many people as he could in order to get his message out.

I see podcasting much the same way. But even better.

With podcasts, almost anyone with internet access and some pretty basic tools (most of which you probably already have) can produce a podcast and have their message heard anywhere around the world. Never before in our history has mass communication like this been so easy and so democratized. What used to cost thousands or tens of thousands to do can now be done for almost nothing. Even from your mobile phone. Amazing.

Not so far removed from the golden years of radio in spirit, we are now in the golden era of podcasting. Podcasters can tap into that “power of audio to communicate intimately and directly” with people around the world. It still amazes me that our little show Simple Life Together has listeners in 154 countries (that we know of) around the world. Yet we produce our show in our backyard shed!

What’s just as amazing as being able to produce content so easily is that we get to listen to all this content for free online and on our mobile devices through podcast directories such as iTunes, Stitcher and many others. And the shows are time-shifted, meaning you can stream them or download them and listen in when it’s convenient for YOU…not just when the show airs.

Do you have a message that you want to share with the world?

If so, have you ever considered starting a podcast?  It’s really not that difficult and there are tons of free resources out there to get you started. If you’re thinking about podcasting or just want to see how Vanessa and I produce Simple Life Together, here’s a link to some slides and 5-video series that we did for a presentation for the National Association of Professional Organizers annual conference back in May of 2014. It’s pretty comprehensive and shows you how you can start your own show.

And that, my podcast loving friends, is a simple thing that blends the best of old and new. So what do you say? Ready to share with the world? We’re certainly ready to listen!