SLT064: Healthy Smoothies Made Simple With Farnoosh Brock

We hinted in Episode 63 that we’ve been enjoying more and more healthy smoothies. About two and a half years ago we did a 12-day juice fast. Since then, we’ve slowly incorporated juicing into our lifestyle at least 3-4 times/week. By doing that…juicing became a regular part of our life.  We became addicted to how good it made us feel which led us to look into other ways to improve or expand our healthy eating goals. Juicing led to eating more raw foods, eating smaller portions…and now smoothies!

healthy smoothie recipe simple smoothie

So, who better to talk about smoothies, than our friend and someone who’s become our own personal… “healthy liquids expert,” Farnoosh Brock, the author of The Healthy Smoothie Bible Read more…


Simple Foods: Rediscovering Our Food Dehydrator

Dan and I have mentioned a few times on the podcast how much we love our Exalibur food dehydrator. We absolutely love making our own dried fruit and beef jerky, free of additives and other junk ingredients that most other off the shelf foods have. Funny thing is, we didn’t always feel that way about our dehydrator. For a long time it just sat alone, tucked away in a cabinet above our refrigerator. It was yet another appliance we bought on impulse without thinking through how we would use it and if we really needed it in our lives. Isn’t that the case with most things we purchase on impulse?

dehydrator -small

We bought it well before we started our simplicity journey and got it primarily because we had just finished a 12 day juice fast and were motivated to continue to incorporate healthier, raw foods into our diets.  Plus we were tired of paying outrageous prices for beef jerky! So we got it, tried it…and then stored it away for months before using it again. Why? Well, like I said, we didn’t think through all the variables of bringing yet another appliance into our lives. And of course it was “out of sight and out of mind” so it simply didn’t get used.

Then one day Dan and I were discussing ways to slow the accumulation of clutter in our lives and curb our spending. We made a pact with one another to revisit and reuse some of those long forgotten items we purchased but never fully used, to see if we could or would actually use them. If not, we vowed to get rid of them for good! Luckily, after a serious interrogation session we determined there was a place for our food dehydrator in our lives. We just needed to ask the right questions:

  • What and how many types of foods do we want to make with the dehydrator?
  • Is there another way to make the same foods with items we already own? Or can we purchase these same foods with the same quality?
  • How often do we want to use it? Are these foods we will eat on a regular basis or only on special occasions?
  • Why are we not using it? Is the process too difficult? If so, can we simplify the process to make it worth using and keeping?
  • Is there a routine we can establish to make sure we use it?
  • Is the cost in time, effort and output worth keeping it?

In the end, we decided that it was worth it…for us. We love that we are creating healthier options for snacks and that they last longer than the fresh fruit that would end up going bad because we never ate it fast enough! Sure it takes some effort to prep the food before dehydrating, but we made the process simpler by creating a bi-weekly routine of dehydrating our snacks and we get the entire family involved making it more of a weekend or pre-camping trip ritual.

So take a look around at those things in your life that aren’t getting the attention they deserve. Is it because they really don’t fit into your lifestyle, or do you just need to take a closer look and strategize how it can add value to your life? It just might be worth the effort.

So, what do you have laying around the house that you could put to good use? What’s something you’ve been hanging on to fully intending to use, but never seem to get around to actually using it? Let us know in the comments below.


SLT063: Five Steps to Simple Living

When it comes to simple living, or making any changes in life, there always seems to be plenty of experts around telling you what you should do, and how you should do it. Looking to get in shape? You can find an endless supply of “experts”…many of which will directly contradict each other…that are ready with their magic formula to help you. All you have to do is buy their equipment, take their magic pill, or follow their magic advice.

Five Steps to Simple Living

But what it all boils down to in the real world is developing a simple plan that is right for YOU, and then kicking things into gear! When it comes to simple living or simplifying certain areas of your life, there are some things that have worked for us and that you can use to start making strides in areas of your life that you want to simplify.   Read more…


Interview with Mridu

I’m excited to share with you a video interview I did with a colleague of mine. Her name is Mridu Parikh and she is an organization life coach, simplicity expert and owner of Life Is Organized. In this interview you’ll get her backstory on how she became a professional organizer (like me…she wasn’t always organized). Plus you’ll learn about the most common struggles most of us face in our chaotic world and how simplicity and organization can bring you a little bit closer to having more peace and calm in your life.

Mridu is smart, fun and totally down to earth. She offers tons of tips and advice on her funny yet very informative video blog as well as her online workshops.


Mridu is passionate not just about organizing, but about embracing simplicity and taking charge of your life and happiness. I’m so grateful we were introduced and hope you find Mridu just as inspiring as I do!



Routines of Successful Men and Women in History

I saw this article in the section of the Huffington Post called The Third Metric, which features articles about redefining success beyond money and power. It deals with the daily routines of some interesting men and women in history. I thought it was interesting and if you enjoyed these past episodes of SLT, then you’ll likely find this interesting too!


You can find the full article titled Here’s How The World’s Most Brilliant People Scheduled Their Days on the Huffington post.